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I am running to be your state representative in Montpelier.  I have worked hard over the last few months to earn your votes. 


I’ve met many of you at your doors, the transfer station or around town. The experience gave me a greater understanding of our strengths. It helped me understand our shared challenges in a time of uncertainty. Most of all, the conversations filled me with a sense of hope and a desire to fight to protect our people and what we love best about our communities and our environment. Our democratic institutions are how we will work together, here at home and in Montpelier, to fight inflation and the effects of climate change, and to make sure all of us have the housing, health care and family-friendly policies we need. 


I’m asking for your vote so that I can bring the priorities you’ve shared to Montpelier, along with my commitment to make sure our communities are places where all of us can thrive and live with dignity.


Almost 1500 voters in our district have already voted. If you have not yet received your ballot in the mail, you can check in with your town clerk or you can vote on election day. Please consider voting for me and my Democratic colleague, Jim Masland. 


Thank you.


Rebecca Holcombe

Democratic Candidate for State Representative

Windsor-Orange 2


Take Part in Something Great



Putting My Experience
to Work

I’ve been so energized by my conversations with you on the sidelines of little league games, at your doors, at the dump, and over seedlings at the farmers market. I look forward to the chance to bring your passion and care for our communities to Montpelier. I’m grateful for Tim Briglin’s leadership and look forward to a chance to pick up where he left off. 

I’ve heard over and over from you that we live here because we love it, but high costs and lack of housing and child care make it expensive and hard to stay. If regular people can’t afford to make our communities home, we risk becoming museums, with more weekenders than people raising kids. 

For some of you, protecting our communities means continuing Tim’s work to lead our transition to green, local and renewable energy. I’m running to help finish that work. There is no future for Vermont that is not green, local and renewable.

But we also need to put our shoulders together and push on hard issues like housing, child care and giving everyone a fair chance

We all know people who couldn’t live here because they couldn’t find or couldn’t afford housing. We all know seniors who are anxious about whether they can continue to afford their homes. This leaves many seniors stressed, families frustrated, and our region short of health care professionals, child care educators, green energy technicians,construction workers, and employees for our region's businesses. 

To live here, young people need to be able to work. I chaired the Norwich child care committee last year. We learned from families and child care workers that we need state leadership and regional coordination to manage this market. Otherwise, some towns may be left without options, some families may not have child care at all, and our child care educators may not earn enough to provide for their own families.

With an unprecedented 41 Vermont state representatives stepping down this year, experience matters more than ever. I know the difference between treating symptoms and treating causes, and I’ve worked with the budgets that represent almost a third of our state’s expenditures. I saw first hand how shifting the costs of mental health from the state budget to school budgets raised property taxes and left gaping holes in the state’s fragile mental health system. 

Join me, and help me care for our communities and the families that call them home.



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