Fairness, Justice, & Opportunity

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For Vermont to rise up even stronger, we need to lift those who are marginalized and those who are vulnerable. Being inclusive of people of all backgrounds and identities is essential for our state to reach its promise.

To make sure that our decisions are fair, we need to plan for fairness from the beginning, rather than addressing unfairness after the fact. That starts with bringing people to the table. As Governor, I would see it as my responsibility to bring multiple diverse stakeholders into every conversation, because that is how we develop the best solutions.

We need to make concrete investments in disadvantaged communities, so that our economy becomes more fair and more sustainable. Part of our commitment to equity must include funding communities and programs fairly. 

For me, fairness is never a tack-on to an existing policy or plan. It is foundational to the way I lead, and the way I think about issues. That is why I will be the best Governor for this moment. 

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