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Managing Our Economic Recovery

  • We need to build back stronger, because “normal” will not be good enough for many Vermonters.
  • Vermont cannot cut its way to prosperity. We need to invest in people.
  • We must invest in ways that accomplish more than one goal, so we get the most value out of our money.

Read more about Rebecca’s plans for strengthening the economy HERE.

Keeping People Safe – Healthcare Reform

  • Keeping people safe is a governor’s most important job.
  • Vermont is safest when we listen to public health experts and support proven public health measures, like mask requirements and herd immunity through vaccinations.
  • We have to move towards a single payer system, but in a small state, it will take time.
  • Payment reform pays our doctors to keep people well, instead of paying per visit. These are the sorts of proactive investments we need to make.

Read more about Rebecca’s healthcare plans HERE.

Ensuring Fair Access to Opportunities for All

  • Everyone, regardless of their background or identity, must be able to access opportunity in Vermont.
  • Throughout her whole career, fairness has been Rebecca’s driving principle.
  • We can only work towards equity when we bring all stakeholders to the table.
  • When we lift up those who have been disadvantaged, we all rise together. When we invest in Vermonters, we create opportunity in our communities.

Read more about Rebecca’s plans on fair access to opportunity HERE.

Building a Resilient Green Energy Economy

  • Acting on climate change protects our planet’s future and creates opportunity.
  • Investing in local, green energy infrastructure projects will keep our money here and make us more resilient.
  • Through a combination of regulation and state investments, we can usher in a new Green Energy Economy. 

Read more about Rebecca’s plans to build a sustainable economy HERE.

Educating Vermont’s Next Generation

See THIS PAGE for my recommendations on reopening Vermont’s schools.

  • Investing in our kids and their futures has been Rebecca’s life’s work. 
  • We need to make sure that, especially now, we aren’t cutting school budgets.
  • Rebecca has a proven record of making education dollars go far.
  • Rebecca’s top priority has always been making sure kids in all of our communities have fair access to strong education.

Read more about Rebecca’s plans to ensure all kids have access to quality public education HERE.