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As we approach this winter, our absolute top priority must be to keep Vermonters safe. We know that COVID-19 has caused the greatest harm to some of our most vulnerable people, including lower income, immunocompromised, and older Vermonters, and  Vermonters of color.

We also know that mask use will reduce the spread of COVID-19. While Governor Scott has kept us safe during this crisis, his failure to require mask use puts Vermonters at risk.

We all  hope that a COVID-19 vaccine will be developed quickly. But unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement is growing. More than a quarter of Americans have said they will refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine. As is the case with mask use, refusing to be vaccinated for non-medical reasons puts our most vulnerable populations at risk. After a vaccine has been federally approved, everyone who is medically able should take it. We have to come together for the safety of everyone, and promote herd immunity.

Healthcare is a right. We need to be doing all we can to ensure that everyone can access good healthcare. And eventually, as a state, we need to be moving to a single-payer system. That  change will take careful, long-term planning, especially in a small state like ours. As Governor, I would implement the stepping stones, like payment reform, that move us to a universal, single-payer system.  

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