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See THIS PAGE for my recommendations on reopening Vermont’s schools.

We are in the midst of an educational crisis bigger than we have experienced in our lifetimes. This is the moment to have an experienced educator at the helm. We will get little useful or reasonable guidance from our federal government as we navigate these uncharted education waters, so our states must elect governors who are experienced enough with both education and children’s wellbeing to weigh the complex needs of our youth. We simply do not know what will happen on a weekly basis, and we will need to respond rapidly.

When people ask me whether or not we should be opening schools in the fall, the answer is that I don’t know, and neither does anyone. We should continue to re-evaluate that decision as the summer goes on, so that we make the safest choice for our students, and for our teachers. For schools to open in the fall, it will require great investment from the state. Our schools have more responsibilities than ever before, so to ask them to slash budgets now is an impractical and immoral decision.

I’ve dedicated my career to making our education system more fair. At the Secretary of Education, we viewed all policies through an equity lens, so that we could evaluate the effects that certain changes might have on kids. I will bring the same mindset to my administration as Governor.

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