Economic Recovery

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As we recover from this economic downturn, we are going to need our state government to work as hard as it can for us. Our goal is not getting back to “normal;” it’s moving forward. Our leaders at the state level need to be working proactively, and bringing people together, to rebuild stronger. We cannot cut our way to prosperity. More than ever, we must invest in people. We must invest in strong safety nets and in programs that prevent people from needing safety nets in the first place.

When it comes to funding our state government, the wealthy absolutely must pay their fair share.  In addition, we have to manage on a tight budget, especially given the economic position many Vermonters are in right now. I have managed a tight budget before. When I took over the Agency of Education, its budget was slashed 40%, so I made sure every program had maximum impact. As Governor, I will do the same thing. To get the most done for Vermonters, I will invest in programs that accomplish more than one goal, so we get the most value out of our money.

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