LG Zuckerman and Gov. Scott: Join Me in Endorsing Biden for President

NORWICH, VERMONT: On Thursday, July 30th, Democratic candidate for Governor, Rebecca Holcombe, called on Governor Phil Scott and Lt. Governor David Zuckerman to join her in endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden for President.

“President Trump’s incompetence, corruption, and partisan abuses of power have brought us to the brink of a constitutional crisis and led to the loss of thousands of lives. He has led with hatred and ignorance, left millions of Americans afraid for the future, and eroded public trust in government. Silence enables authoritarianism.

Today, I call on David Zuckerman and Phil Scott — the Lt. Governor and the Governor — to join me in strongly endorsing Biden for President. I chose to do this publicly in April, when other Democratic candidates dropped out of the race, to help unify support behind the best chance to take on Donald Trump and ensure he is a one term president. 

Now, more than ever, we must put our efforts behind Vice President Biden, to show the Vermonters and Americans whose lives have been threatened by the Trump administration’s malice and incompetence that we are in this fight for them and for the integrity of our institutions. I hope that David and Phil will join me in supporting Vice President Joe Biden,” said Holcombe in a statement.