Climate Justice Organization, Sunrise Middlebury, Endorses Holcombe for Governor

MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT – On Monday, June 15th, 2020, Rebecca Holcombe’s campaign for Governor announced the endorsement of Sunrise Middlebury, a group of young people and chapter of the National Sunrise Movement, supporting environmental justice and climate action. 

“Sunrise Middlebury is pleased to announce that we will be endorsing Former Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe for Governor of Vermont. We find that Holcombe has a complex, nuanced understanding of the issues that impact Vermonters and concrete, actionable plans to solve them. Holcombe has a vision to expand the political conversation to include all Vermonters and a plan to accomplish that. At Sunrise, our work is centered around creating a future where racial, economic, and climate justice prevail; Holcombe will bring that future to Vermont,” said Nicholas Sliter, Political Coordinator at Sunrise Middlebury.    

“I am proud to receive the support of Sunrise Middlebury and appreciate the care that went into the organization’s endorsement process. So many of our challenges are overlapping and related. Sunrise chooses to embrace that complexity, and recognizes that we must tackle environmental, racial, and economic justice together. I’m thankful to groups like Sunrise Middlebury who also believe in the future of Vermont,” said Holcombe, in response to the endorsement. 

As an endorsed candidate, Sunrise Middlebury is committed to actively supporting Holcombe’s candidacy for the duration of her campaign.