Rebecca Holcombe: Transparency and Fairness in UVM Cuts

The severity of proposed cuts by UVM is consistent with a fiscal crisis.  Various elected leaders have been working with the UVM administration on proposed cuts.  But critical information is still not available.  As the Senate Education Committee takes testimony on the UVM fiscal crisis today, it should insist the UVM administration:

1.  Specify its target—exactly how much is UVM trying to save through cuts? 

2. Detail how much would be saved for every cut proposed. (Discussing cuts without knowing what the savings are is unproductive.)

3. Ask the JFO to model what it would look like to meet the target provided by UVM, using a more progressive approach to cuts, such as the one used by the University of Wisconsin.

Given the severity of cuts proposed by the administration, the public is left to assume the UVM fiscal crisis is also severe. The public has a right to know.