Rebecca Holcombe: “Make Trump a One Term President”

State government works best when states have a reliable partner in the White House. This COVID-19 crisis has driven home the need for a competent President. We can count on Joe Biden for that.

On Monday, April 13th, 2020, Senator Sanders endorsed Vice President Biden, saying: “We’ve got to make Trump a one-term president.” Today, I am joining him in asking us all to stand behind Vice President Biden as we work to retake the White House.

I am forever grateful to Senator Sanders and his tireless commitment to the betterment of our nation. As Vermont’s Secretary of Education, I witnessed, again and again, his dedication to creating a just and healthy future for all people. He has been — and will continue to be — our conscience. We all owe him a debt.

But on every front, the decisions of the Trump administration have put us at risk. Let’s join together to elect a Democratic president and end the Trump nightmare. Let’s join together to defend rule of law.

We count on our Supreme Court to protect our rights and preserve the institutions that enable us to fight for progressive values down the road, but right now, the future of that court is at stake. We must have a Democrat in the White House to defend free and fair elections and fundamental civil rights, protect women’s reproductive rights, ensure equitable opportunity, pursue healthcare that works for all, tackle our climate crisis, and more. Let’s stay engaged. I look forward to seeing how the Biden campaign evolves.