Governor Madeleine Kunin Endorses Rebecca Holcombe for Governor

NORWICH, VERMONT – On Wednesday, March 11th, Rebecca Holcombe’s campaign for Governor announced the endorsement of Governor Madeleine Kunin, the first and only woman to serve as Governor of Vermont. Governor Kunin joins nearly 30 current and former legislators and Vermont political leaders who have endorsed Holcombe’s campaign for Governor.

“Governor Kunin has been an inspiration to me and to many other women who have sought a life in public service. Vermont faces real and pressing issues in the coming years and Governor Kunin’s belief in my ability to lead on these issues is both an honor and a responsibility. I’m thankful for Governor Kunin’s support of my campaign and I look forward to representing her legacy on the campaign trail,” said Rebecca.

Governor Kunin said “I am pleased to support Rebecca in her campaign to become Vermont’s next Governor. As a lifelong educator, administrator, and government leader, I am confident that Rebecca understands Vermont’s challenges and has the capacity to make change on behalf of all Vermonters. She has the ability to become our next governor.”

Campaign Manager, Cameron Russell, remarked, “We are honored to have the endorsement of Governor Kunin, who served as Vermont’s Governor of Vermont from 1985 to 1991. Governor Kunin’s legacy is one of bold ideas, leadership, and the true spirit of the motto, brave little state. Governor Kunin’s support adds to a growing list of Vermont legislative and political endorsements and is a testament to the growing strength of the campaign, still 5 months from the primary on August 11th, 2020. As Governor Kunin said, Rebecca has the ability to become our next Governor. We’re excited to have the support of so many who agree that the future of Vermont would be best served by Governor Rebecca Holcombe.”

A full list of Rebecca Holcombe’s endorsements can be found at: